Login to MyBICS and enjoy powerful reporting tools helping you to achieve your business goals

Secure and personalised portal

MyBICS is our personalised and secured web portal. It gives an instant access to powerful online tools and valuable information to reach your business goals. Also, it allows you to manage user management, define user access and rights.

Latest A-Z routes pricing

MyBICS gives you instant access to the latest price lists, both for First Class VoIP and Business Class VoIP. It also archives previous price lists, allowing to permanently monitor cost evolutions.

Real-time balance management

With one click you can easily manage your balance: previous months, current months and today's consumption, remaining balance and summary of all payments. It also estimates the expiration date of your balance based on your daily average consumption.

Online Reporting

MyBICS helps you to generate reports through a user-friendly interface: traffic statistics, CDR download, CLI delivery, daily consumption details, Quality of Service, e-invoicing and more!

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